I am Flor de Maria Mejia, born in Lima, Peru; my love for painting started at an early age, never happier than when I was drawing and expressing my feelings doing so, my school notebooks were an expression of that love, which was never appreciated by my parents or teachers due to the fact I was not able to focus on my studies because i kept drawing during class time and was never able to stop.


This passion continued during my years in university, where I graduated as an Engineer.


However, I didn’t have a love for my profession, during that time I started painting with water color, acrylic and oil.  


I took various arts courses in order to improve my techniques and was never able to paint too much until we moved to Canada.


I dedicated more time to be a house wife and mother, than my life took a turn for the best when I found a group of people that noticed me and people alike who love painting and were not satisfied with their work due to lack of techniques.


I love what I do now even more because I can express myself with what I learned and am now able to translate my love for Latino America and Canada onto the canvas!

Toronto - Canada / Lima - Peru




(Lima, Perú)




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